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Ever wondered what's behind the technical abbreviations on our product pages? Select your product category to find out more about the details.

Having the right kit is just part of the equation when it comes to facing the challenges of any outdoor adventure. Enjoyment and success is also reliant on factors such as having the right skill base and knowledge. And we aim to help you develop these through our Robens Product Guides project – our on-going development and evolution of skill-based features using a variety of media to provide an ever-growing database as your first port of call to help you successfully meet any outdoor challenge, including purchasing kit; its use, repair and maintenance; and In The Field skills.

As a manufacturer of technical equipment we believe we should provide information to help you understand what goes into creating Robens equipment. These generic features are not meant to be buying guides but focus on industry standards, materials, designs and more to help you gain the knowledge needed to assess technical products at affordable prices.

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