Off road adventurer

This winter, the UK’s Land Rover Monthly Magazine sent its Features Editor, Patrick Cruywagen, and photographer, Alisdair Cusick, on a photoshoot in the wilds of Scotland. To survive the event Patrick chose Robens – and sent us his thanks from his sleeping bag…

I am as snug as a bug in a rug. Actually I am in anything but a rug but rather a Robens Caucasus 900 down sleeping bag, designed to comfortably house a man in sub-zero temperatures, which is where I currently find myself, as Scotland is in the middle of its first decent cold snap of the winter. To me there's no difference whether sleeping at home in Bedfordshire or camping at the head of the sea loch of Kinlough Hourn. Others of course will disagree and argue that Alisdair and I should have slept in the 2014 Land Rover Discovery 4 we were driving, with the seat warmers and heaters left on to make it cosier.

Our campsite is at the end of a 22-mile dead end. Yes, you read right. In fact, this begs me to ask if there is a longer dead end in the UK? You couldn't be in a more remote setting and all it cost us was the £1 per person camping fee paid to the local farmer. Out here traffic is a swearword and the only disturbance happens around 5am when the farmer takes his dogs for a walk. Here you have a better chance of seeing a herd of red deer than a single human being. Outside the rain is pelting down on my Robens Voyager 2EX tent but inside it I am bone dry, enjoying the sounds of nature and Alisdair’s snoring. Could things get any better?

The one thing that this camping adventure taught me is that there is no such thing as cold and wet, only bad gear. If you gave me the choice of a sunny, hot day in a crowd in London’s Hyde Park versus a rainy, cold day in the Scottish countryside on my own then the latter will always win. Except I won’t be alone as my Robens Caucasus 900 down sleeping bag and Robens Voyager 2EX would have to come with. 

Patrick’s feature appeared in Land Rover Monthly, March 2014.