Before you go

Can I obtain poles to convert my roll-up door into a sun canopy?

Yes, these can be purchased from your Robens dealer.

Can we use our Robens tent for more than a month at a time?

Robens manufactures tents for normal use and they are not designed or tested for use over extended periods.

How do I best maintain my Robens Polycotton tent?

Robens tents are made to the highest standards using the best materials available in the marketplace today. The polycotton/Cotton fabrics that we use are very high quality and are therefore naturally waterproof and breathable before use.

Weathering your tent before you go camping is not essential however you should be aware that during the first time of use in wet weather you may experience some water ingress. To alleviate this there is a weathering process that you can go through before you go away.

Due to the manufacturing process, the sewing can cause needle ‘holes’ to be noticeable along the seams  in the tent – these are nothing to worry about and will in a short space of time seal themselves. Basically what has happened is that the needle is slightly thicker than the thread, and when it is stitched through the fabric, it can leave a needle sized ‘hole’ – this has a very slim chance of letting water through. The fact is there are 1000’s of needle ‘holes’ in each tent BUT we know that in the vast majority of cases these will not leak although occasionally one or two might. As these ‘holes’ get wet the thread will swell and the canvas will shrink so that everything becomes sealed – this is the weathering process.

There are two basic options (once pitched), either hosing it down with a garden hose, or waiting for rain. Hosing down the tent with a garden hose, particularly on the seams will allow the fabric to tighten and the thread to swell. This is best done on a warm, dry day so that your tent can dry out quickly and if necessary you can repeat the process. If you wait for rain the process will be longer as you will have to wait for a period of good weather to get your tent dry before packing it away.

There is a water repellent coating on the fabric that allows water to bead very quickly off the fabric thus aiding the waterproof process but not hindering the breathable properties of the fabric. After very prolonged use this coating will wear away, this does not hinder the overall performance of the tent/fabric but if need be can be reapplied using a reputable water based repellent as available in all good outdoor retailers.

All Robens Polycotton/Cotton tents are both waterproof and breathable – this is the unique nature of this fabric allowing them to have the best properties for use when out camping. This makes the fabric dynamic in use and the best choice for the most comfortable, camping experience in all climates.

My new self-inflating mat will not inflate?

A new self-inflating mat has been packed for an extended period so you may need to blow into it a few times to ‘reactivate’ the compressed foam core.

Will a synthetic tent leak if I touch the outer when it rains?

Our unique top-quality polyester fabrics used in our outers feature a market-leading polyurethane coating which will not leak when touched.

I have just bought a new tent - do I need to waterproof it?

We recommend that you use a seam sealer or a waterproofing spray at regular intervals for the seams around the zips and toggles.

Should I pitch my tent before I go away?

Yes, it is always advisable that you pitch your tent before going away just to ensure that you are comfortable with the way it pitches and packs away again.