Terwijl u kampeert

Why is it wet inside my tent?

- Experience and testing show that this is probably condensation. Our polyester tent fabric features a waterproof coating on its inner surface. Moisture condenses out of the warm inner air when it meets the cold surface and a substantial amount of water can be produced depending on factors such as weather conditions and the number of campers in the tent. Modern, fully sealed tents are more prone to the appearance of condensation but the problem can be alleviated by opening the ventilation panels and doors.

- To rule out a leaking seam, thoroughly check each sewn area and ensure the tape used is in good order. Repairs can be made using a seam sealer.

Can I use my cooker/stove inside?

As we state in the instruction manual, the products are not designed for indoor use. We do not recommend that any of our cooking appliances are used inside because of the fire hazard and the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.