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Conquer the outdoors with the ISPO award-winning Robens Nordic Lynx 2 tent

Nordic lynx 2

Robens is delighted to announce that our new, four season, extreme weather Nordic Lynx 2 technical tent has won a 2023 ISPO award!

An ISPO award recognises outstanding products in sports and we’re honoured the Nordic Lynx 2 has been chosen as a 2023 winner. Backed by 50 years of outdoor expertise, the Nordic Lynx has been designed by explorers, for explorers. Offering a lightweight yet super tough tent with specialised features to handle all weather conditions, including snow.

Commenting on the tent, the ISPO team said: "The jury was impressed by the many well-thought-out details that make the tent particularly suitable for winter camping. You can see that this is a product designed by outdoor professionals for outdoor enthusiasts."

Extreme weather adventures aren’t for everyone. But for those who love a challenge, the Nordic Lynx is the perfect cocoon from the winter chill and snowy conditions. As well as offering a cool base in summer or spring.

The product manager behind the tent said: “As an outdoor enthusiast myself, I wanted to provide a full-featured winter tent that can be used throughout the year. The Nordic Lynx range offers year-round performance, reliability and enough money left over for the adventure.”

This gives explorers the option to wake in the midst of a winter wonderland. Cut trails down the slopes, ice climb jagged peaks and catch the Northern lights from base camp. While in summer, adjust the tent’s ventilation and let the fresh air flow tent on biking adventures, mountain hikes or canoe rides downstream.

The world is there to be explored – and a Nordic Lynx is the perfect partner for every adventure.

But what really sets a Nordic Lynx tent apart is its snow-handling capabilities. 

The Nordic Lynx product manager said: “We’ve worked in specific features for winter use.”

There’s a large porch for storing kit. Extra wide pole sleeves that allow the doubling up of poles for more stability. Snow skirts to stop powder entering the tent, and oversize loops for easier pegging. These even let explorers use skis as pegs at night, offering greater security for skis and the tent. Plus, with optional snow pegs, the entire tent can be pitched while wearing gloves, keeping digits warm at all times. 

Days can be spent gliding through fresh powder and honing winter survival skills, like ice fishing. At night, the Nordic Lynx provides a brilliant warm base to relax in.  

“We even offer a sled bag as an optional extra for ease of use in the challenging Scandinavian wilderness conditions,” said the Nordic Lynx product manager.

Available in three sizes that sleep two, three or four people, Nordic Lynx tents are easy to carry in a backpack, bike pannier or canoe. There are reinforced triangular guy points to help tackle strong winds. Along with a new large vent system, which can be adjusted from inside to suit conditions. Groundsheets are also available to further protect the tents from the extreme weather.

With everything that’s needed for year-round adventure, explorers can sleep easy, knowing their Nordic Lynx tent has got them covered, wherever they are.

The Nordic Lynx 2 is part of the Robens Track technical range and will be on display at OutDoor by ISPO and ISPO Munich Fair trade fairs. 


The leading global sports platform ISPO honors the most innovative products and services in the sports industry with the ISPO Award. The winning products are spotlighted at the OutDoor by ISPO and ISPO Munich trade fairs.

The ISPO Award jury consists of international experts from the sports business and consumer experts from the ISPO Collaborators Club. It combines technical know-how and practical relevance and evaluates the best outdoor products according to criteria such as innovation factor, sustainability, quality and workmanship, and price-performance ratio.

This convinced the jury

  • All sides of the door zipped for optimal access and ventilation
  • The bottom door clip secures closure in high wind
  • Vents with internal zip close mesh panel and fabric panel
  • Extra-long pegging loops for additional security methods – such as skis
  • Pole sleeves take two poles for additional stability in extreme conditions
  • Extended porch for gear, cooking and dining
  • Adjustable main pegging points feature sturdy alloy buckles

Nordic Lynx Tents