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Our names are Corinna and Marcus. Together we travel the world as Kveikjan. When we don't travel we live in Germany.

How did your passion for the outdoors begin, and what does it mean to you?


My love for the outdoors began as a child, deeply rooted in my family's tradition. Growing up with stories of my grandfather, who lived beneath the Schneekoppe, a prominent mountain peak, I was always surrounded by tales of the natural world. My parents and grandparents cherished the outdoors, frequently taking us on hiking trips. Being outdoors for me is more than just relaxation; it's a profound connection. It quiets my mind and challenges my spirit, especially when I conquer a peak, reminding me of nature's power and our humble place within it. It’s a crucial balance in my life, grounding me and pushing me beyond my limits.


I grew up in the countryside, where nature was my playground. My family owned a forest, and I spent countless hours exploring its depths, creating adventures beneath the towering trees. Summers were filled with blissful days by the lakes surrounding Brandenburg, where I reveled in the beauty of water and sun. It was only in adulthood that I discovered the joy of hiking, and it became my preferred way to unwind and disconnect from the daily grind. The outdoors, to me, means relaxation and slowing down to savor life's simplest pleasures. It's a return to my roots, a reminder of the joy found in nature's embrace.


What has been your most memorable adventure, and why?


A couple of years ago, we embarked on a six-week road trip through Norway, all the way to the Russian border. Nearly every day was spent hiking, weather permitting, which allowed us to witness numerous peaks and expansive views of the sea. During this journey, I felt an overwhelming closeness to nature. We adapted to the natural surroundings, planning our days around the weather patterns of rain and sunshine. The experience of camping beside waterfalls, watching sunsets from mountaintops, or picnicking beside glacier lakes stands out as some of the most memorable moments. This trip didn’t just showcase the beauty of Norway; it deepened our connection with nature and each other, teaching us the art of harmonizing our lives with the rhythm of the environment.


A few years ago, we embarked on a hike with a couple of friends to a mountain plateau in Iceland, a place that had already become one of our favorite spots. We snuggled up in our sleeping bags, anticipation building as we waited for the northern lights. The night delivered the most breathtaking auroras we've ever seen. The lights danced around us in vibrant greens and pinks, filling the sky with such magic that we didn’t know where to look. That spot holds an even more special place in our hearts now, its beauty magnified by that unforgettable spectacle. It was a night of adventure, friendship, and nature’s most mesmerizing show that remains etched in my memory.


How do you prepare for an outdoor excursion, and what are your must-have items (apart from the basic gear)?

Preparing for an outdoor excursion is like crafting a small adventure, each time unique and full of anticipation. Where we're going and the prevailing weather heavily dictate our preparations. Proper clothing and footwear are paramount, but that's just the beginning. We also pack energy-boosting snacks, which are essential for maintaining our momentum throughout the day. In colder regions, warming packs become a must to ward off the chill. 

Among our must-haves, a few items are non-negotiable: a microfiber towel for its compact and quick-drying properties, hiking poles for support, small snacks for quick energy boosts, and of course, a camera to capture the moments. A hat and sunglasses shield us from the elements, be it the blazing sun or biting cold. This methodical preparation not only ensures safety and comfort but also enhances our enjoyment, making each excursion memorable. So, the next time you pack, remember it’s not just about the essentials, but also about gearing up for the unexpected and delightful surprises that nature holds.

Do you have any advice for those looking to get started in outdoor activities?

Getting started with outdoor activities is an exhilarating way to explore nature and discover your adventurous side. If you’re new to this, start small. There's no need to conquer the highest peak or raft the wildest river on your first go. Instead, look for local trails, parks, or scenic areas close to home. You'll be surprised by the beauty and opportunities for adventure that lie just around the corner.

Additionally, it's more fun and often feels safer when you have company. Connect with friends or find community groups who share your enthusiasm for the outdoors. 


What is your favorite Robens product, and how has it enhanced your outdoor experiences?


It’s a joy to share my experiences with Robens products, especially the COULOIR 750 sleeping bag and the Settler Sky tent, which have both significantly enhanced my outdoor adventures.

The COULOIR 750 sleeping bag is a game changer for anyone who loves the outdoors but dreads the chilly nights. Its design is a perfect blend of comfort and functionality, with distinctive drawstrings that allow for mid-section tightening—a boon for someone like me who feels the cold. Plus, the front zipper is a clever touch that makes getting in and out of the bag a breeze, even on the frostiest nights.

Then there’s the Settler Sky tent, my go-to for group camping trips. This tent is the epitome of what it means to adventure comfortably with friends. It sets up effortlessly, offering a sturdy shelter that makes any spot the perfect campsite. Whether it's a forest clearing or a mountain ridge, the Settler Sky turns a good adventure into a perfect one, ensuring that the only thing wild about the trip is the wilderness around us.

Together, these products have not just met my expectations; they have made each camping experience more memorable. Whether it’s a solo trip needing snug warmth or a group adventure requiring reliable shelter, Robens has me covered, quite literally!


My favorite Robens product has to be the tent stove for our Settler Sky. It creates a wonderful ambiance, adding a warm and inviting atmosphere to the already cozy setup. With the stove, camping in colder regions or seasons becomes even more enjoyable. It’s perfect for warming up after a day of outdoor adventures, making each evening feel like a serene retreat. The stove has undoubtedly elevated our outdoor experiences, turning our tent into a snug, welcoming haven that enhances the magic of being in nature, regardless of the weather.

What new outdoor activities or trips are you planning to explore in the near future?

Corinna is gearing up for an exciting multi-day trek across Iceland with two of her friends. They're going to journey through the stunning highlands of Landmannalaugar all the way to Skogar. The thought of immersing themselves in Iceland's breathtaking landscapes, exploring hot springs, glaciers, and waterfalls fills them with a sense of adventure and anticipation. There's something truly special about escaping everyday life and embracing the raw beauty of nature.

As for us, we're dreaming of finally taking a longer canoe trip soon. We've only been able to enjoy day trips so far, but it's left us craving more. A multi-day adventure on calm waters, surrounded by nature's melodies and sleeping under the stars, would be a fantastic way to unwind and reconnect. Whether it's winding rivers or serene lakes, we're excited about the idea of paddling through the great outdoors and enjoying its serene beauty.

How do you think we can inspire more people to venture into nature?

Inspiring more people to venture into nature begins with us being the example. By living a life connected to the outdoors, we can show that there is an outdoor experience for everyone, whether it's camping, staying in a cabin, sleeping under the stars, or even just going on day trips close to home. Nature is accessible to everyone, and it's never too late to start exploring. You don't need to climb the highest mountains to feel connected to the outdoors; it's a lifestyle, and that sense of adventure can start small.

Do you have any final thoughts or advice for those looking to deepen their passion for nature?

For those looking to deepen their passion for nature, my advice is simple: don't be afraid to go out there alone. While a challenging hike or a canoe tour might seem daunting, don't let the absence of company hold you back from exploring and experiencing nature's beauty. There are wonderful communities and groups that can help you connect with like-minded people, like The Female Explorers in Germany or hiking meetups on Instagram. And remember, you're never too old to try something new.