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Lucas Berthelsen

My name is Lucas Berthelsen and I'm an outdoor enthusiast who loves human-driven adventure

How did your passion for the outdoors start, and what does it mean to you?

I grew up with outdoor life as a part of everyday life, from being in the herb garden with my grandfather to attending various markets with bonfires and community during the summer. Early on, I experienced how outdoor life can bring people together, and that’s why I love it. It means so much to me that I’ve chosen to make it my career.


Can you describe one of your earliest memories or an experience that ignited your passion for the outdoors?

At the age of 3-4, I was at the Copenhagen Medieval Market in pouring rain, digging a moat around our tent, and of course, I ended up falling into it. But despite the rain and wet clothes, I still preferred being outside rather than seeking shelter from the elements.


How do you incorporate outdoor life into your daily routines?

I use it to connect with myself and nature. My best days always start with a bike ride to feel myself before doing anything else. When I’m outside, I have the opportunity to just be myself, feel grounded, and forget all other thoughts, ideas, and worries.


What is your most memorable adventure, and why?

My most memorable adventure was on my 24th birthday. The day before, my partner and I moved to Iceland to work for an adventure company, and as a welcome, they arranged a super jeep tour into the Icelandic highlands to an area on the south coast called Thorsmörk. I vividly remember my first encounter with a real glacier, Gaiajökull, walking along a river on the large lava stones in Langidalur (Long Valley), and climbing a small mountain with a fantastic view over the glacier rivers. Lastly, I was surprised with a birthday cake at Volcano Huts, located at the foot of the mountain we climbed. Eating birthday cake far from civilization on my own adventure is something I’d choose over sitting indoors with coffee any day.


How do you prepare for an outdoor trip, and what are your must-have products (besides basic gear)?

Besides basic gear, I always prefer to bring my bike, my camera, and a notebook for my optimal adventure.


Do you have any tips for those who want to try outdoor life?

Yes, I do. Just go – dive into it and find out what you need when you’re out there. Go somewhere, feel yourself, give yourself time to be in one place, figure out what you feel you’re missing, and don’t give up too quickly. It doesn’t have to be challenging the first few times; the difficulty can always be increased as your outdoor skills improve.

What is your favorite Robens product, and how has it improved your outdoor experiences?

My sleeping bag, it’s formidable. It’s lightweight and compact, and it’s the best sleeping bag I’ve slept in regarding indoor climate, just like sleeping with a duvet at home.


If you could design your ideal outdoor product with Robens, what would it look like, and what features would it have?

I would design various gear more related to bikepacking, making it easier to pack for those of us who cycle, such as the tent.


What new outdoor activities or trips are you planning to explore in the near future?

Right now, I’m cycling from Lisbon to Scotland; after that, I have no fixed plans, only ideas.


Is there a particular place or type of landscape you dream of experiencing, and why?

I dream of going on a combined bikepacking and packrafting adventure in New Zealand, without my computer.


How do you see the development in outdoor and gear in the coming years?

I see it becoming more recyclable, with companies using more recyclable products, generally more functionality, and greater sustainability.


How do you think we can inspire more people to get out into nature?

Right now, I’m on a mission to inspire more people to get outside by sharing my adventures on social media. I believe that by showing my trips and sharing my experiences along the way, as well as offering tips and tricks, it will spark something in those who dream of it but lack the courage to start. It’s about addressing the questions people have before they dare to go. We can all help by anticipating questions and sharing our experiences and good advice.


Do you have any final thoughts or advice for those who want to delve deeper into their passion for nature?

Be careful not to be tempted by gear. Less is more; you don’t need a lot of different equipment. Often, much of what you bring isn’t necessary, so if you want to dive deeper into your passion, look at the gear you already have and consider if there’s something you can do without, rather than acquiring more.