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Simon Asp

My name is Simon and I am a passionate outdoor and bike lover from Sweden.

How did your passion for the outdoors start, and what does it mean to you?
My parents dragged me out to the forest and on different skiing trips as a kid. I think outdoor activities were always mandatory in school as well, and I'm so happy that I learned to like the outdoors at a young age.


Can you describe one of your earliest memories or an experience that ignited your passion for being outdoors?
I think I fell in love with snowboarding at 8, doing lap after lap somewhere in the Swedish mountains. The endless possibilities to explore and to control your path as you go, which feels the same for all different outdoor activities.


How do you incorporate the outdoors into your daily routines?
Depends on the season. I live in Stockholm which has nature around the corner, and in the summer I go cycling around the islands, or run or hike. In the off-season I'm a frequent climber at the many climbing gyms, and in the winter I try to go skiing in Åre, or ice skating the lakes here in the city.


What is your most memorable adventure, and why?
In recent years I think it is my solo bike packing trip in Italy. I just went there with no plans other than I wanted to cycle from one city to another. It was interesting to do it myself, and I experienced a lot of feelings and beautiful views. After that I started to go for at least one long solo trip each year.


How do you prepare for an outdoor trip, and what are your must-have items (besides basic equipment)?
A lightweight gas cookset, I use it a lot. And a pair of speedy sunglasses 😎


Do you have any tips for those who want to try outdoor life?
Don't be afraid to be a beginner. Just like my cycling trip - you figure it out as you go. Go to a place you're interested in, and explore it however you like.

What is your favorite Robens product, and how has it enhanced your outdoor experiences?
I'm excited about the lightweight tents!

What new outdoor activities or travels do you plan to explore in the near future?
I will do a couple of shorter trips in the spring: skiing in Åre, start to hike/cycle in my vicinity, and cycle somewhere in Europe during the summer.

Is there a particular place or type of landscape you dream of experiencing, and why?
I want to explore the countryside of different countries in Europe, since I have mostly seen cities.

How do you see the development of outdoor gear and equipment in the coming years?
I like that clothing and footwear are becoming more available, I feel that the urban lifestyle and the outdoors are merging and that you can use gear for multiple activities. It's great! I hope that gear becomes simple and that everyone can explore nature.

How do you think we can inspire more people to get outdoors?
I like the inspiration I see in social media, even if it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. But making things simple that many people can relate to is key I think.

Any final thoughts or advice for those looking to dive deeper into their passion for nature?
Talk about it with your friends and family, who wants to join you in your adventures?