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Free delivery on orders over £60


Enjoy fresh air and a full body workout with Robens walking poles

For those who are able, getting outside and being active is more important than ever. The freedom of the great outdoors is a pick-me-up for the mind, body and soul.

Fresh air and exercise gets the heart pumping, boosts endorphins (our happy hormones) and recharges the batteries. But if jogging or cycling doesn’t appeal, why not give Nordic Walking a whirl?

Nordic Walking lets explorers discover new trails and set off on solo adventures. It’s a super-powered walking technique that uses special walking poles to help propel the walker along. Giving them the freedom to travel further and explore more, without straining knees and lower joints. An added bonus is that Nordic Walking provides a full body workout, burning more calories than normal walking and toning muscles from top-to-toe. But best of all, it encourages people to get away from it all, encounter new horizons, and enjoy the healing effects of nature.

There’s nothing quite like connecting with the great outdoors. The sights and sounds switch on the senses, bringing an immediate sense of peace and calm. Feel the crunch of leaves underfoot. Listen to the tranquil harmony of birdsong and buzzing bees. Get lost in the beauty of ancient woodlands and wild flowers. And breathe in the heavenly scent of lush grasslands. 
It’s an instant mood-lifter that soothes the soul, and it’s out there, waiting to be explored.

Ready to start Nordic Walking? 
Nordic Walking is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, and can be easily done alone or with members of your household. All that’s needed is a set of walking poles. Which is where outdoor brand, Robens can help. 

The team at Robens love Nordic Walking. So have developed an awesome range of walking poles for all budgets and abilities. These can be used all year round on any terrain, making them a great investment for now and the future.
Choosing the right walking pole

Best for newbies 
Go for something affordable, lightweight and easy to use, like the Keswick T6. This has a carbon steel tungsten tip that can take on multiple terrains, such as fells, sand or snow. 

Best for experienced walkers
Lightweight with a built-in shock absorber, the Ambleside C66 handles any terrain with ease. Its carbon fibre prevents it from getting cold even on winter hikes.  

Best lightweight pole
Rydal C66 is a top-level walking pole for serious hikers. It’s low weight, quick to assemble, and will fit in the side of a backpack.  The fast clip adjustment makes it easy to pull out, when needed. 

Best all-rounder
The extra long handle and easy adjustable length makes the Grasmere T7 a great all-round walking pole. It comes with a set of extra feet for use on softer surfaces such as sand or snow.

Best for easy packing 
Want a pole that can slip into a backpack when it’s not needed? The Coniston T7 walking pole folds into three with a pack size of only 37cm.  So walkers can take it anywhere.

Quick tips for using walking poles
Nordic Walking is easy to learn and these tips will help make it even more comfortable and enjoyable.  

  • Adjust the height of the pole according to the terrain and whenever the ground changes
  • Use longer poles when hiking during winter 
  • Use shorter poles when hiking up or down hill 

Once walkers have their poles, they’re set to go. There’s no special clothing required. So get out there, start exploring, and enjoy some well deserved ‘me time’. It’s amazing how good it feels to be immersed in nature.