New Robens Adventure tents - performance and comfort for the adventurous

Balancing performance, size and weight for base camp comfort, the latest Adventure range of Robens tents is the perfect choice for active families and groups wanting space in which to enjoy life outdoors.

The five new tents benefit from a complete makeover, with the latest light natural two-tone colourway blending in with the surroundings to allow impact-free close engagement with nature on campsites or wild camping.

The tents are made from HydroTex HD polyester − the award-winning Scandinavian company’s own unique strong and durable lightweight fabric. The 75-denier high-density, PU-coated polyester has a 5,000mm hydrostatic head waterproof rating and is treated with UV-inhibitors for all-weather protection. Stability in high winds is provided by lightweight yet sturdy #6061 T6 anodised aluminium alloy poles and the Storm Guard configuration that links outer with pole with peg via the guylines. Corner pegging points feature aluminium buckles and handles for fast, positive adjustment to rapidly pitch and tension the tent.

Rain-safe side or front protection provides water-free access in stormy conditions while the latest Double Shade

Grabber extension and new Windscreen Tarp offer added shelter when required. New features include low vents that work in conjunction with the refined double rear vents – perfect for the increasing global temperatures experienced and enhanced by the ability to open the tent to let the outside in when the sun shines. The fine tuning of privacy, light and air flow is enhanced by the new 3-layer window – a mesh panel window that’s backed by a zip-up waterproof curtain with upper PVC panel that’s curtained off when required. Full dark Adaptive Inners with curtained roof vent ensure the right conditions to aid sleep and the flexibility to choose between bedroom and living space to suit needs

Ample mesh pockets located around the tent, coupled with hanging lines, offer plenty of storage options. And cable entry ports provide the opportunity to feed in electrics when available.
The completely new three-tent TC Adventure range is the choice of active families and groups looking for quality and high-end features. It builds on the versatile options provided by the evolved Adventure range by offering the latest designs in the brand’s own HydroTex Polycotton RS fabric to maintain a comfortable tent microclimate for all-weather performance – especially when used in warmer climes. Common features include adaptive inners, 3-layer windows, rear and low vents that control air flow enhanced by mesh panels behind external doors for insect-free ventilation and a close to nature experience.

The ranges comprise:
Double Dreamer 4 and 5 - While the name reflects the tents’ heritage, updates reflect changing needs. The two feature-rich tents are designed to provide the comfortable space needed for shorter family and group adventures while minimising any transportation problem caused by space and weight limitations. The large front door can be poled out (poles not supplied) to create a sun porch while the side door features Rain Safe protection for use in wet weather.
The Double Dreamer TC 4 provides a technical cotton option in the all new TC Adventure range.
Wolf Moon 4XP and 5XP - The angled poles and large extended porch already maximise living space but open all days and toggle back the porch sides on a sunny day for full enjoyment of sheltered close-to nature outdoor living with maximum views.
The Wolf Moon TC 5XP provides a technical cotton option in the TC Adventure range.
Eagle Rock 6+2XP - Ideal for larger groups and families or for accommodating guests, the Eagle Rock features a three/three split main bedroom and an extra inner at the front of the living area. This not only sleeps two but is the perfect place to store gear or use as a toilet area. The Rain Safe side door provides additional wet weather access to the large main door that’s protected by the huge extension.
The Eagle Rock TC 6+2XP provides a technical cotton option in the TC Adventure range.
Windscreen Tarp - The large Windscreen Tarp provides versatile protection that features pole sleeves and various attachment methods. It also has a zip protected by an oversize cover, allowing the tarp to be split into two equal sections. It can be used with the supplied poles to create an overhead shelter, or the poles can also be split to create the uprights need to create a windscreen. Or split again and used with the unzipped smaller tarps to create a mix of A-frame tents and smaller windscreens.

Robens continues to test all its tents using its own in-house facilities and, during the tests, register the maximum (MAX) speed impact a tent was subjected to and the average (AVG) wind speed at which structural instability occurred. Structural instability may show as the collapse of tent, returning to shape when the wind drops, or a broken/deformed pole. At no point did Robens encounter any form of catastrophic failure up to the maximum wind speed and an icon is now used, including on the Robens website, to show the MAX and AVG figures for each tent. The Wind Test figures are:
Double Dreamer 4 MAX 200km/h and AVG 165km/h
Double Dreamer 5 MAX 195km/h and AVG 160km/h
Wolf Moon 4XP MAX 160km/h and AVG 135km/h
Wolf Moon 5XP MAX 145km/h and AVG 135km/h
Eagle Rock 6+2XP MAX 180km/h and AVG 145km/h
Double Dreamer TC 4 MAX 200km/h and AVG 140km/h
Wolf Moon TC 5XP MAX 195km/h and AVG 155km/h
Eagle Rock TC 6+2XP MAX 190km/h and AVG 150km/h