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Robens® lightweight furniture is designed for on-the-trail and base camp comfort. Stools, chairs, tables, beds and more − every product in the range demonstrates our attention to detail to achieve performance with minimum packed size and weight penalty. Robens folding furniture has evolved to include products ideal for outback use and glamping where practical performance and superb looks set you apart from the crowd.

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Robens® compact folding furniture perfect for lightweight adventures

Our Robens® R&D team continue to listen to market demands and create lightweight, compact, performance Robens furniture to raise on-the-trail and base camp comfort levels. In fact, this approach has been so successful that the furniture range has since gained an ever growing following amongst those who appreciate how it saves limited storage space at home and in transportation. The range has evolved to include products designed for outback use and glamping where the combination of performance, quality and superb good looks set you apart from the crowd.

Stools - We started to produce Robens stools for on-the-trail use where a proper seat isolating you from the cold ground ensured restorative comfort levels. The success of our Discover and Geographic and Geographic High stools continues and set the scene for the development of a complete range of lightweight furniture that outdoor adventurers would appreciate for enhanced comfort levels supplied with little weight and pack space penalty.

Lightweight furniture - Our selection of superb chairs continues address an adventurer’s demands for on-the-trail and base camp performance and comfort. From strong ultra-light aluminium alloy folding furniture to sturdy steel frames – our carefully chosen variety of quality materials enhance various characteristics and designs to suits needs and exceed expectations. The wide portfolio includes chairs of varying height and back length to suit tent size, with options ideal for relaxation or sitting at a table to dine or plan the next adventure. Lightweight beds are designed to pack away into a surprisingly small and light package to ensure the opportunity of a good night’s sleep.

Tables - Our range of small pack size and low weight tables provides the opportunity to dine and plan in comfort. Carefully chosen materials and attention to design and construction ensure a stable base to meet on-the-trail and base camp conditions.

Outback furniture - We’ve introduced a range of luxurious Outback furniture to complement our Robens Outback tents and rustic living ethos. Close attention to detail has created versatile, practical padded chairs and beds with table options that all have huge appeal for bushcraft use and glamping. With roots firmly in retro style, the modern materials and advanced design techniques will be the envy of your camping neighbours while providing superb comfort levels on the campsite or in a wilderness environment.

Having the right kit for on the trail and base camp comfort is essential. But so is knowing how to use your equipment. We’ve put together several resources to help you get the most out of your outdoor adventure, including:

Robens TV – Informative videos. Our Robens TV page will take you to numerous videos we’ve created to help you choose and use Robens equipment.

Robens FAQ – Common questions answered. We’ve taken the most common questions received over the years and created a handy section of comprehensive answers, so you can quickly find solutions to problems.

Robens Community – Outdoor enthusiasts together. Our Robens Community unites fellow outdoor enthusiasts to create a vibrant source of inspiration, ideas, advice and more. We look forward to welcoming you on all major social media channels – you’ll find us @robenstents.

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Robens – Servicing outdoor adventurers since 1973. We’ve been We’ve been supplying quality performance equipment at prices that did not impact on the adventure for more than 45 years. And you can read more about us here.