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Karley DeCocker and Ben DeCocker

International married couple who love to travel and go on unique adventures.

Why do you love the outdoors? 
Being outdoors is our way of being happy and doing what we love. We enjoy quality time in nature either riding a bike, camping, hiking, traveling to new places, or going for a simple walk in our backyard. 
What do you want to achieve from your adventures? 
We love traveling to new places, but we also like to find hidden gems where we live. Life is all about appreciating what you have. 
What is your current adventure? 
We are in New York State traveling and living in the beautiful country side. We have many activities here in the winter season - skiing, hiking, being cozied up next to a fire, snowmobiling, ice fishing, and camping. 
What are the highs of your trip? 
We camped in our tent in the Adirondack mountains for 3 nights in freezing temperatures. The trick was keeping dry and hiking around during the day to keep warm. 

What are the lows of your trip? 
We woke up with our sleeping bags completely drenched in water. We were camping on uneven ground and the rain ran straight under our tent. Poor planning on our end!
Have you had any funny experiences? 
We see all sorts of different animals in the wild. We see so many deer in New York that when we are driving we count how many we see for fun! We drove 40 miles the other day and counted over 100 dear along our road trip. 
What is important when you choose a tent and other gear? 
We find that when choosing your tent you have to know how you will be using it. When we backpacked through Europe we chose the Green Castle as it fit to our group size and was easy to pack up and put together multiple times during our trip. 
What do you like about your Robens gear? 
All of our Robens gear are highest of quality and we are always asked where our gear is from. The design, functionality as well as the over all aesthetic is always beyond our expectations. Also, we find that investing in the right gear even though the prices may seem high we do not have to replace our gear as often and in the end we are actually saving ourselves time and money. 

Your top tip for newbie adventurers? 
Organize and plan in advance for your trips, try not to over plan your trips with too many activities that you don't have enough time to enjoy your trip. We plan our trips loosely with our main activities each day but if we end up finding another exciting opportunity for the day we change our travel plans if we would like.