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Robens expand chioce with new lights to drive away the dark

Besides adding stylish new trim and colours to existing products, technical outdoor brand, Robens, has introduced two new lights to its collection – including the ingeniuos Thacla that at last offers an efficient way to light a tipi or bell tent.

The centre pole of a tipi or bell tent always casts a shadow when a conventional lantern is used, with efficient illumination confined to a small aprt of the living space. However, the clever design of the donut-shaped (or annulus) Thacla Tipi Lamp allows it to be connected around any tipi centre pole to provide 360˚ illumination.

To connect the universal tipi light simply swing it open against a hinge to clip and lock in place around the pole. Spring-loaded clamps ensure it fits firmly around any standard diameter pole.
The Thacla has four light modes to tailor light to needs – inner circle LEDs, outer circle LEDs, both centre and circle, both centre and circle dimmed. Power is supplied by four AA batteries (not included).

Many outdoor adventurers consider a head torch an essential piece of outdoor gear. It leaves hands free for work and illuminates where the user looks. Different power settings can be selected for reading, close work or flood. At 54g, the Esk is a light, compact LED head torch that is comfortable to wear. It uses three AAA batteries to provide up to 200 lumens with a focussed long beam of 70m for two-six hours depending on which of the three light modes are selected. The Esk provides a simple solution for general hands-free lighting in numerous situations ranging from home to in the wilds.