bestel VOOR 13.00 uur - dan verzenden wij VANDAAG (WEEKDAGEN)

bestel VOOR 13.00 uur - dan verzenden wij VANDAAG (WEEKDAGEN)

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Base Camp with Outback Range Tents

We are often asked if it is necessary to weather a Robens polycotton tent.

Weathering is a simple process – you just pitch your tent and soak it with the garden hose, leaving it to dry before repeating the process a few times. This is the traditional way to help speed up cotton’s ability to absorb water and swell to fill the small gaps found between the weave’s yarn. It minimises water ingress while preventing condensation by allowing vapour to escape.

While not strictly necessary thanks to the dense weave of our HydroTex Polycotton fabric, we recommend weathering is carried out after purchase and if a tent is stored for extended periods of time to ensure maximum performance, otherwise you might experience some water ingress the first time it rains.

Weathering also ensures you have a practice pitch before you camp, inspect for any problems and check the tent’s seams. 

Often sewing can leave noticeable needle ‘holes’ along a tent’s seams. These is natural to the manufacturing process and nothing to worry about as they seal themselves in a short space of time when the thread and fibres swell. However, on rare occasions a hole might drip and weathering will help you identify these so they can be sealed using a dab of a proprietary seam sealer. 

Weathering your tent is a personal decision, but we would highly recommend this traditional art of tent maintenance. It will certainly enhance your camping experience.