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Daniel Villadsen

My name is Daniel and I am a photographer and an outdoor enthusiast from Odense, Denmark.

I have always had a big passion for being in the outdoors, and with my educational background in Outdoor Education from Norway and Sports Science and Health from Denmark, I often work with people in the nature. During the last couple of years I have started to work as a photographer, and this makes me able to combine my passion for being in the outdoors with my creative work through photography.

Why do you love the outdoors?
I both use the nature as a setting for recreation and tranquility as well as exploration and creating new adventures.

I love how nature reminds me of putting things (and life) into perspective. Being in the outdoors both calms, encourages and challenges me - depending on the setting, activity and weather conditions. In that way the outdoors is a place for reflection, recreation and personal development - aspects I also work with when bringing people out in the nature.
What do you want to achieve from your adventures?
I personally love the wanderlust feeling of exploring new places, either in Denmark or around the world, and meet new people. I enjoy the simple living where the core values of being warm, dry, and full are the most essential needs. In this way I get reminded of being thankful for the life and goods I have at home - things we often take for granted in our busy everyday lives. For me the value is found in the contrasts.

I also love to share the beauties and adventures of the world with other people through my photography, from which I hope to inspire others to go out and explore. You can see some of my outdoor adventures on Instagram:

What is your current adventure or do you have any exciting planned?
My next adventure is a multi-day sea kayaking trip in the south Funen archipelago in the end of April. Here I am gonna do some island hopping with a good friend with hopefully some nice sunset- and sunrise paddling and exploration of the local areas.

What are the highs of your trip?
The highs can come in many forms: It can be when you get out of your comfort zone and develop new skills, when you overcome the unknown factors of the trip (such as weather conditions) and everything comes together, or when the trip creates a certain setting for deep conversations with your travel buddies. 

What are the lows of your trip?
This can also come in many forms. It can be when you see the negative impacts of irresponsible human behaviour, such as leaving trash or destroying unique nature (always "Leave No Trace", folks). On a personal level it can be the times where you are getting stuck with a challenge that you cannot find a solution for. But on the other hand - it is also a valuable discovery which reminds you on what to work on. 

Have you had any funny experiences?
Yeah - lots! One of the most funny experiences was when I photographed a Swiss paraglider along the coast at Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse in Northern Denmark. He came flying by in the sunset when I photographed him. Suddenly he yelled “Can I get your email?” while hanging in the air above me. Suprised I just yelled “Yes, of course”. He landed in the sand and we had a good chat. After helping him in the air again, I took some more photos of him. I sent him the photos, and he was so grateful for them that he invited me to visit him in Switzerland to go paragliding. So I went there and paraglided for 5 days. This was an awesome experince and amazing to see how new adventures can be created by being open-minded and seize the unforeseen opportunities that arise.  

What is important when you choose a tent and other gear?
For me reliability, durability and weight are important factors since the right gear is an essential part of any great adventure. In order to bring all my camera gear and camping equipment I need to pack light on my trips. Therefore I need to rely on quality gear that I can count on - even in extreme conditions.

What do you like about your Robens gear?
The most important thing for me is to find gear with the right balance between weight, quality and functionality. All of these elements results in reliability which helps you trust your gear - even when the weather conditions get bad. My Robens gear meet those demands.
Your top tip for newbie adventurers?
Think about matching your gear with the demands of your trip or destination. Make sure to make an expectation reconciliation with your travel buddies before the trip, check the weather forecast and always have a Plan B - in other words: Always be well-prepared. 

An extra tip, which I have had a lot of joy from, is to bring a small surprise for you and your tour-mates (it could be a game, a quiz, a special dessert etc.) - it is often the small things that helps making your trip extraordinary.