Brined Cod with Potatoes, Leeks and Black Olives

Brining is traditionally seen as a way to preserve meat but it also gives great flavor to the fish.

By Naturkok Sander Blom

Brine the fish from home. When working with fish hygiene it is crucial –  it is therefore very important to keep the fish away from soil bacteria. It can seem illogical to fry a brine raw fish, but it has a great flavor when less cooked. Brining the fish from home, it can be packed it in an airtight zip-lock bag, frozen and thereby preserved for your trip.

600 g cob fillet (must be frozen for 24 hours before use)
1 ½ tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tsp fennel seeds
1 tsp mustard
800 g potatoes in slices
2 leeks in thin slices
Black olives
Butter for frying
2 cups of cream
Juice from a half lemon
1 tablespoon mustard
Salt and pepper

Get cooking

  • Mix salt, sugar, fennel seeds and mustard on a plate. Wash your hands thoroughly and rub the fillets with the mixture. Put the fish in an airtight bag and let it rest for 24 hours.
  • Stir the cream with lemon juice and mustard. Add salt and pepper for taste.
  • Fry the potatoes with butter in a large pan. Add slices of leek and reduce heat. Fry until the leeks are tender and add the black olives.
  • Remove the potatoes and leeks from the pan or place it on the sides of the pan where the heat is not too high.
  • Turn up the heat of the pan and fry the fish for a short while on the skin side. The meet side must still be clear.
  • You can add herbs to your cream sauce. Cicely which can be found alongside the road is addition but not a must.

Fish, potatoes and leeks are served with the cream sauce on the side.