beställa INNAN 13.00 - da skickar vi DIN BESTÄLLNING IDAG (VARDAGAR)

beställa INNAN 13.00 - da skickar vi DIN BESTÄLLNING IDAG (VARDAGAR)

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Campfire Cooking

Campfire cooking

The outdoor adventure is more than exploring new lands. It encompasses the challenges thrown up by living close to nature, including finding the perfect campsite, pitching to face all weathers, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep, setting the campfire…

And, of course, ensuring you enjoy a hearty meal.

The Perfect Outdoor Meal
Creating that perfect meal outdoors requires preparation. It’s all about ensuring you have a functional, practical outdoor kitchen that’s correctly set up with the tools you need to do the job – and knowing how to use them. And that includes preparing them prior to use – ensuring knives are sharp, that cast iron utensils are properly seasoned and more.

Why wait? Learn all there is to know about care and preparation of your cast iron appliances here

Consider this as important an ingredient to a good meal as the food eaten and treat them accordingly – including cleaning and storing afterwards. Such important outdoor skills are fun to learn and help create culinary delights that last long in the memory. And, if you’ve learnt to set your fire correctly, you can then settle back and enjoy the evening under the starlit sky and delight in the freedom and sense of achievement your skill base brings. And we’re here to help.


Get cooking

Our pages are full of tried-and-tested recipes, tips and advice on all aspects of bushcraft-style cooking brought to you by our experienced outdoors team that includes the likes of nature cook, Sander Blom, so you can get the most out of your outdoor experience.

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