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Alexander Betak and Mads Tolstrup

We are Alexander and Mads from Copenhagen, Denmark, sharing the company MontemMedia, which focuses on outdoor/adventure video- and photography.

We grew up on the same street north of Copenhagen, where we always spend a lot of time together in nature, the past years we started bringing our cameras on small and big trips which luckily turned in to our current professional carreer.  

Why do you love the outdoors?
The outdoors has always been a big part of our lives and we've both been eager to discover the nature, both in Denmark and worldwide. Since moving to busy Copenhagen, it's always been a wonderfull break to get out into nature.
What do you want to achieve from your adventures?
We have a dualistic relationship to nature; we both want to use nature to find a place of tranquility but also a place to build our professional career. The past years we have had success combining these two things, e.g. doing a several days long trek to a remote area, where we shoot a job.

What is your current adventure?
We recently returned from a two week trip to Iceland and will soon go on a stand up paddleboard adventure. Right now the sun sets at 4pm, which makes most danes avoid outside activities all together. We want to try to change this perspective by showcasing that it's possible to enjoy a winter adventure in your "back yard". We're planning to sail down the longest river in Denmark which runs through one of the most spectacular national parks by the western coast Jutland. Since it's around freezing, only the right gear makes it possible and enjoyable.

What are the highs of your trip?
When there are a lot of unknown factors on your trip, it's a big high when everything comes together. E.g. Camping in Iceland without any wind and a clear sky and going to sleep while the northern lights dance above you. The highs also comes in smaller packages, e.g. when you leave Copenhagen on a two hour trip into the forest, a short hike to a spot and making yourselves a cup of coffee.

What are the lows of your trip?
When you see the negative impacts of irresponsible human behaviour in nature. E.g. Seeing people leaving the trail to go out in a restricted nature area, destroying rare nature only for the sake of a picture. We've been to some of the places that we've seen on our parents old pictures and it's easy to see the man-made long term enviromental impacts we have on our vulnarable nature.

Have you had any funny experiences?
Visiting one of the smalles african countries, the island state of Sao tome e principe. We spend three hours driving 50km through the jungle to get to the southern coast of the main island, where we'd booked a small bungalow. When we arrived it was overbooked, but the friendly owner drove us to a completely new bungalow resort. Since the construction wasn't completely done we were the only ones there, except an african man with an antique rifle guarding the place. To eat a meal we had to walk 4km on a small path, in the pitch black jungle and it was crawling with snakes, frogs and all sorts of insects and animals.

What is important when you choose a tent and other gear?
Growning up in scandinavian nature, we learned that the right gear is the key to a great adventure. Even for the coldest conditions, we need to pack light and compact to have everything in our bags, both camera gear and camping equipment. Since we like expeirence extreme nature we need quality equipment that can resist everything from tropical showers to blizzards.

What do you like about your Robens gear?
It meets our demands on the balance between weight, functionality, quality and price. It's nice to be able to trust that it will keep you dry/warm/comfortable in all sorts of conditions.

Your top tip for newbie adventurers?
The first things you need to consider is your outfit and equipment, which need to be able to keep you comfortable in whatever conditions you travel to. It's a good idea to find the balance between packing light but also packing equipment that add the extra comfort and make the trip more enjoyable. From our experiences within the danish military, a top tip is: stay dry and keep your stomach full.