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Discover the joy of bushcraft with Robens

Bushcraft with Robens tents

It’s easy to understand the appeal. The world moves so fast that bushcraft has become therapy for the soul.

A chance to switch off, leave technology behind and get away from it all. Because something magical happens when people immerse themselves in nature. Heart rates lower, worries fade and a sense of contentment takes over. Add to this the thrill of bushcraft challenges, the crackle of an open fire and the lure of ancient woodlands, and the rat race is soon forgotten. Campers can just focus on enjoying the wilderness and thriving in the great outdoors. The vibe is addictive.

Bushcraft is all about exploring and making the most of the natural surroundings, covering things like chopping wood, building a fire, wood carving and foraging for food. It can be as extreme or laidback as the camper wants it to be, with most people falling somewhere in the middle. This means sleeping under canvas rather than a self-built shelter and taking a few home comforts to make the outdoors more enjoyable.  After all, the experience should be fun not an ordeal!

To get the most out of the experience, campers need to be prepared. As Ray Mears said: “knowledge is the key to survival”. This means packing the right equipment and tools.

A classic, polycotton tent is best, like the Robens Outback range. These offer a brilliant bushcraft experience with enhanced performance, great ventilation and a hefty dose of rugged style. 
Try the all-new Chinook Ursa, which is a quick-to-pitch tipi that sleeps up to eight people. A great base, the tipi can fully open at the front to let the sunshine in during the day. At night, quickly zip it up to keep the cold and bugs out. For smaller groups, the ever-popular Klondike bell tent provides lots of space and comfort for up to six people with breathable materials and good ventilation. While larger groups will love the supersized villa-style Prospector that sleeps up to 12 people in comfort.

Food is a huge part of a bushcraft experience. Fishing for dinner, foraging for berries and roots, carving wooden cups, splitting logs with an axe, building a fire, and cooking up a feast on an open flame. There’s a job for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest. For a successful bushcraft culinary experience, campers should take some cooking equipment with them. A hanging pan, like an Ottawa pot is ideal. These can be rigged up to hang above the fire, wafting wonderful scents across the camp to get taste buds tingling. Lassen Grills are great for grilling fresh fish, simply place one over an open fire for an instant cooking surface, and then fold it flat after use. 

Most people bring some food items from home, as it’s impossible to source everything from the land. Essentials include tea, coffee, milk, and bread. Budding chefs who fancy a different type of challenge can try baking bread over the campfire in a Carson Dutch Oven. Made from cast iron, these can sit directly in the fire and are also great for cooking stews and heating water.  For those who like to start the day with a fried egg, the Bighorn 3 Legged Pan has tripod legs to elevate it above the fire making it ideal for a flame-grilled cooked breakfast. Serve with the freshly baked bread and a gorgeous view.

Because bushcraft adventures can take place all year round it’s important to plan for the season. Summer campers can construct UV shelters out of tarp. These provide a quick and easy daytime base away from the tent and a place to eat in the shade. Winter campers can add a stove to keep the tent toasty warm during the night. These attach to Robens tents through a stovepipe port and the hot water can be used for coffee or tea in the morning. 

Bushcraft enthusiast, Mark Jægum, Product Manager at Robens says: “The key is to only bring what’s needed and choose lightweight, easy to carry kit. Robens equipment is designed with adventure in mind combining performance, durability and reliability with great value for money. Our award-winning products are made by expert outdoor enthusiasts and tested rigorously against the extremes of nature. Only the best products pass the Robens test, giving our customers peace of mind wherever they are. So get outside and get active, because the world is waiting to be explored!