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Robens Universal Porch Tarp

Universal Porch Tarp

The versatile Universal Porch Tarp in HydroTex® Polycotton can either be used with the supplied height-adjustable steel poles to create a stand-alone shelter or hooked onto a cowl-protected ring on the latest Robens Klondike, Chinook and Apache models before poling out to further protect door from wind and rain.

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HydroTex Polycotton, 35% cotton / 65% polyester
Steel 22 mm
Pack size:
96 x 12 cm
4.6 kg
Item number:
Breathable HydroTex® Polycotton fabric
Feature Icons
Clip On Quick convenient pitching.
Guyline retainer Guyline retainers hold folded guylines securely when packing away to avoid the nightmare of tangles and knots later.
Steel poles For enhanced stability and strength
Standing Height The tent provides standing height in the living area for more comfort and freedom to move and dress.
Packsack 96 x 12 cm
 Weight 4.6 kg
Robens Tests
HydroTex® Polycotton delivers top technical performance and comfort. The durable tight-weave fabric has a water repellent treatment that assists rain run off the tent walls. As the rain gets heavier, its fibres swell to form a waterproof seal. Its UV-inhibitor treatment helps it last for years with care. This superb breathable fabric maintains the tent’s microclimate by eliminating condensation and keeping the internal temperature cool in summer and warm when temperatures fall.;