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As outdoor adventurers ourselves, we understand how important sleep is to the success and enjoyment of any activity. This is why we invest heavily in sleep comfort. Our research into sleep patterns and subsequent designs with emphasis on innovative features, performance and quality ensure our Robens® sleeping bags, self-inflating mats and air beds exceed expectations – something recognised by the numerous awards we achieve, including prestigious Gold in the OutDoor Industry Awards.

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Robens® – providing the best outdoor sleeping experience

As with all Robens® outdoor equipment, we ensure all aspect of our sleeping products work holistically together to perform beyond expectations. From trekking to kayaking, from cycling to motorbike touring and more, our sleeping bags are designed to ensure cut, fabrics, insulation, construction and features are perfectly matched to obtain the performance required for a good night’s sleep no matter your outdoor adventure. Our designs cater to all budgets, yet always offer guaranteed levels of functional excellence thanks to careful choice of quality fillings and fabrics with every feature and material used to maximise their unique advantages. Our sleeping bags are independently tested to European standards to obtain temperature ratings and use quality insulation to ensure warmth through the night. These include: HYDROPHOBIC DOWN,  DOWN AIRTHERMO, MICROTHERMO HIGH LOFT, MICROTHERMO INSULATION.

Construction is varied with use to optimise performance. Methods include: SINGLE LAYER, DOUBLE LAYER, BOX WALL CONSTRUCTION, SHINGLE LAYER CONSTRUCTION

Find more about methods and materials here

Our sleeping bags ranges comprise:

Couloir – These down sleeping bags have a Technical Mummy profile and appropriate features to ensure performance in more extreme conditions. Couloir sleeping bags feature a centre zip for easy access – a feature appreciated when in the confines of a small lightweight tent.

Serac − The standard mummy profile with Down fill provide the best warmth to weight ratios in a highly compressible package that covers most general outdoor pursuits.

Icefall – The mummy shape, quality insulation, fabrics and features define this as a performance sleeping bag range suitable for those who prefer a synthetic fill over down in more extreme conditions.

Glacier – The solution if looking for a great combination of functional performance with superb value for money. Includes a Junior option.

Far Away – These offer low weight and a compact pack size perfect for travel and backpacking in warmer climes thanks to the lightweight construction and the trapez relaxed cut that provides a comfortable level of freedom to move while maintaining performance.

Crevasse − Arguably the most comfortable mummy sleeping bag you have ever tried! Designed for leisure campers looking for home comforts with a technical bias that ensures a good night’s sleep, the Crevasse design caters for different sleep positions and temperature control.

Designed to complement Robens sleeping bags, our highly technical range of self-inflating mats (SIMs) and airbeds cater to the diverse needs of trekkers, campers and adventurers with no compromise on comfort, performance or value.

Our self-inflating mats use a variety of materials that include stretch fabrics for next-to-skin comfort and superlative support. The growing popularity of air beds for their low bulk and weight is reflected in our wide choice of technical products. While the lightest low bulk beds have an air chamber profile that allows the lofting of a sleeping bags insulation to improve efficiency, many Robens air beds include internal insulation for enhanced performance in cold weather. Many also include our Robens Peak Valve – a flat, unobtrusive valve compatible with our Pump Sacks, with the ability to control air flow direction to ensure easy and quick inflation/deflation. All our Robens mats are independent tested to obtain an R-Value that provides an insulation rating to aid purchase of the most relevant product to suit needs. A choice of non-absorbent EVA closed cell foam mats complete our offer. These feature alternate nodules and recesses that not only aid the expansion of a sleeping bag’s insulation for improved performance, but it also allows the mats to fold and close tightly concertina-style for convenience.

At Robens®, we know a good night’s sleep is of key importance to the enjoyment of any outdoor adventure, so we have lots of information online to help you recharge the batteries in comfort, ready for the next big challenge.

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