Robens® has an enviable heritage and reputation for producing award-winning technical tents that cover a wide range of outdoor adventures, including trekking, kayaking, cycle touring and base camp needs. The addition of Airventure enhances the larger models by providing performance Robens tents for active families. Every tent design undergoes stringent in-house and in-the-field testing to ensure they exceed expectations and the quality materials sourced ensure reliability and outstanding value for money.

Flysheet fabric
Hydrostatic head
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Robens tent ranges

Robens tents comes in seven different ranges for 2021. You can read about the ranges and more about what to look for when you want to buy a tent here. Get to know your Robens tents

Flysheet material
The technology behind each fabric type works in synergy with the design of the individual tent to provide the best possible performance for outdoor enthusiasts. Read more about our different flysheet materials here. Fabric guide

Polycotton tents
What are the benefits of a polycotton tent and how can you treat the fabric to ensure a long lifetime? Read more about it here. Polycotton tents